The Train

Fantastic Film
95 minutes
In Development

Quebec, 1960s. Agathe is an asthmatic child with an active imagination. The train whistle she hears at night while in bed feeds her fantasy of a mysterious parallel world. She lives in the suburbs with her mother, an artist who works as a clerk in a fabric store with a gender-fluid man. One evening, Agathe sneaks into the bar where Maurice-Barbara sings for the bohemians of the local underground. There she meets Frank, a young writer, who will enrich her life and open up amazing perspectives for a different future.

This imaginative film evokes temporal theories of quantum physics and the figure of the shapeshifter—a being who can metamorphose and live in another form—found in the legends of many peoples around the world.


Scriptwriter and Director

Marie Brassard

Production Designer

Antonin Sorel

Executive Producer

Pierre Even


Catherine Chagnon



SODEC, Telefilm Canada


The Banff World Media Festival, 2019 Diversity of Voices Initiative


Distribution (Canada)

Axia Films